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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi, Mom!

Yes, I did it.  After my obsession with blog reading and commenting, I finally started my OWN blog.  Surprise!! 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  You are the best mother and friend a girl could have.  I'm lucky to be your daughter. 

Happy reading!  ;-)


  1. Yes you did, and I'm not surprised :-) After reading some of the blogs...I think it may be a good thing...You have always been a private person, I'm glad to see some of your thoughts.
    We are very proud of you and all you have accomplished!! I look forward to learning more about my wonderful daughter.

  2. Thanks Mom!
    Hmm, a private person, eh? I've never really thought of myself that way, but I guess maybe you're right!
    Well, hopefully this blogging thing will be good for me. I'm enjoying it so far!

  3. Congrats on your new blog!
    And my parents feel the same way. (Although I DO consider myself a private person. Which is why it's so surprising that I love blogging so much. Well, surprising to me at least!)

  4. Thanks Alex, I'm really excited about it! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. You are so cute! What a fun way to tell your mom.

  6. LOL! I knew I couldn't go a whole evening with her without blurting it out, so I thought I'd just show her and get it over with! :-)