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Friday, September 3, 2010

Six Word Friday: Still My Babies

From a baby to a boy
A little boy to a tween
It all happened much too fast.
When did I become the mom
of a teen?  It doesn't compute.
But it is now our reality
He's not mama's little boy anymore
But he'll always be my baby.

She's my sweet little baby girl
I remember looking down at her
Her tiny fingers, her innocent eyes
Looking back up at her mommy
So tiny, so fragile, so sweet
It seems like it was yesterday
And she's changed and grown overnight
A total transformation from a baby
To an amazing, vibrant little girl.
And she'll always be my baby.

This week's Six Word Friday topic was TRANSFORM. Be sure to visit Making Things Up for more Six Word Friday fun!


  1. Very sweet and it's so true. :)

  2. What shocks me? They change fast--
    But yet they always seem themselves.

  3. They do change so fast. I can't even keep up sometimes. I know my 3yo and 9 mo old will be teens before I know it. i will just try to enjoy all of the phases as they come!

  4. I'm comforted by Heather's comment - that they change but stay innately themselves. It's new every day - and so exciting, but so disconcerting! To know that what seems like yesterday was so many milestones and inches ago.

  5. They remain your babies only bigger.
    Bigger meals, bigger clothes, bigger toys.
    More to hug, more to squeeze.

  6. But beautiful and wonderful they are.
    They fill us up, love forever!

  7. They're always our babies, and we always have those memories, even as they take their next steps away from us. Love this, Shannon.

  8. My mother will tell you that my sisters and I are still her babies. I don't think it ever changes. (Though, she'd throw us under the bus in a heartbeat for her REAL babies -- the grandkids.) ;)