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Friday, August 27, 2010

Six Word Friday: I'm not waiting

Get off the computer! Just wait.
Go take your shower! Almost done!
Turn it off now! One minute!
This is the last warning! Okay!

Time to get up! Not yet!
You have to brush your teeth!
Can you wait a minute, please?
No, it’s time to go! Okay!

Mornings are rushed in our house
There is no time to waste.
But sometimes children can’t be rushed
And they just want us to wait.

But after I’ve given three warnings
No more patience, I’m not waiting.
They know their time is up
They get ready, no more hesitating.

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  1. Morning chaos, minutes racing, children hesitating
    Turns this Mommy kind of crazy.

  2. Yes, mornings are always so hectic.
    Going to work is a break!
    But happy to see them later
    When I get home (after coffee)! :-)

  3. Mornings are horrible here right now.
    Please let my kid "get it"
    without me having to yell (again)
    and ruin both of our days.

  4. yes morning chaos, with an eye on the clock the whole time. got to get out the door, got to get out the door on time! that's why i long for the weekends! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Shannon you did it! And so eloquently too.
    I only go to three to, it's the only way I can keep from losing it!

  6. I'm almost ready for the time when my kids talk back to me after I give them an order. You know, instead of flinging themselves to the ground and wailing as if the world has ended. I know I'll be begging for tantrums soon enough when the backtalk is driving me bonkers, though. =>