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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My last post was rather depressing, but I'm feeling better now and would like to change things up a bit.  Last Friday was Miss M's preschool graduation ceremony.  It was a really special night for her and her classmates, and such a bittersweet feeling for me to watch her receive her certificate.  My baby girl isn't a baby anymore!

Below is a picture of Miss M with her teacher, Marianne, on her Big Night.
(sorry for the photo quality - once again I stole this straight from Facebook).

Congratulations, Miss M.  We are so very proud of you!

Mommy, Daddy and J


  1. Look at that amazing, happy smile! She might not be your baby anymore, but she sure is a sweetheart. Congrats little lady!

  2. Congrats! My big girl is right there too, and it is bittersweet. I keep looking at her and wondering how she got so big. But I just love how she is growing up.

  3. I will be there this summer. Hannah is also graduating preschool where she's been since 6 months old actually! I can't believe she'll be leaving the school and heading to Kindergarden. Crazy.

    This is such a sweet picture... congratulations to both of you!

  4. Yay! For your sweet girl and for you!

  5. Thanks, ladies!
    Miss M is one of the "originals" at that preschool. She's been there since it opened when she was about 16 months old!

    She will miss the educators and some of her friends, but we went to visit her new school last week and she was really excited about it. Plus her best friend will be going to the same school, so that will be fun!

  6. Congratulations!

    We have similar photos from this year, and lots of tears. Who knew preschool graduation could be so emotional? (I need to toughen up...this was probably the easiest of all graduations!)

  7. I read about yours and your sweet, sweet teacher, CK. It was very touching. I hope our kids get to experience more special teachers like that in elementary school!

  8. Congrats to Miss M.! And you, Shannon, for making it through with relatively few tears. On to kindergarten and school lunches and field days ... Fun times ahead, for sure. =>