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Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Weekends and Cranky Kids

Our son, J, had a break from baseball this weekend for a change, so we thought we'd have a relatively (and well-deserved) quiet weekend. Well, it didn't really turn out that way!
On Friday after work, I picked up Miss M from daycare and drove her straight to her friend's house for a playdate. J was planning a movie night with his friends, so we brought him home after school to change, had a quick bite to eat, and drove him to the movie theatre. Hubby and I had some errands and a few last-minute Father's Day things to do, so we stopped at a few stores and by then it was time to pick up Miss M. We came back home, knowing that in an hour or so it would be time to pick up J, too.  After the movie, J called to ask if he could sleep over at his friend's house. So I packed him a bag and Hubby went to pick them both up and droped them off.
The next morning, we got up and brought Miss M to her baseball competition. It is an annual "triple challenge" that all teams participate in. They throw at a target, run the bases, and hit the ball. They also get their team photos taken. It was fun to watch the little ones hitting, running and throwing. But it was HOT. After melting for a couple of hours there, we stopped at a fundraiser barbeque for lunch, headed to the bakery to pick up a cake for my in-laws, and then got J from his friend's house.
It was my parents-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary this weekend, and we were taking them out for supper at our favourite steakhouse restaurant. My in-laws normally eat early, and we were bringing the kids with us, so we picked up Hubby's parents and got to the restaurant for 4 p.m., when it opened. We had wine and a fabulous meal.  The kids were well-behaved and it was a great evening out.
Everyone was pretty tired (and full!) when we got home. And that's when it started. The bickering, the whining, the teasing. It was obvious that both kids were exhausted. They get on each other's nerves very quickly when they are feeling that way. With a little bit of reminding and gentle nudging, they gave it up and went to their separate rooms, soon going to bed for the night.
The next day was Father's Day. The kids came to our room to wish their daddy a happy day, and we gave him his gift and cards. Then we got ready for another meal out. We had agreed to meet my in-laws again for breakfast at a local restaurant. I could still barely breathe from dinner the night before, but we managed to meet them and have another nice (lighter) meal.
We got back home and there were chores to do. Hubby worked on the laundry while I put some away, and then I decided to tackle Miss M's room. It had been getting way too full of stuff. Miss M helped, too. She was a real trooper in letting things go that she no longer needed/wanted. We ended up with two garbage bags full - one for the trash and the other to give away. Then there were more chores: the bathrooms, the floors and more laundry. Miss M played outside. J went for a bike ride. They both spent time in their rooms. Then they got bored.  We all hopped in the van and went to Wal-Mart, and then a short visit to my parents' house to see my dad for Father's Day. We had one more stop to make, and the kids were both tired again. Once more there was fussing, teasing, whining, and tears.  J knows just how to get Miss M going. I mean, seriously. These kids are seven years apart. SEVEN! I guess when you're tired, cranky and bored, age just doesn't matter. But my nerves can't take it sometimes.
Finally we get to our street, and they are both out of control, fighting over who would get to play with the scooter first. That was it. Hubby and I both screamed and told them that NO ONE would be playing with the scooter. It was not to be touched. They realized that we meant business. And then something changed. They came in to get a fudgesicle and went outside to play soccer. Together. It was nice.
Once they were back inside, it was flop-on-the-couch time for me and Hubby. But bed time was fast-approaching and Miss M was cranky again. She came over and asked me for a fudgesicle.

No, Hunny, I told her. You already had a fudgesicle today.

But I want another one.

Sorry, but you just had one. No more for today.

She goes to the kitchen and comes back holding a fudgesicle.

No, Miss M. I said no more today. I take it from her and bring it back to the freezer.

But I'm hungry, Mommy!

Well, if you're hungry you can have a little snack, but not a fudgesicle.

But I'm HUNgryyyy!

How about a cheese string?


Some blueberries or raisins?


Oh, how about some mini Ritz crackers?


Well, I told her, you can't be that hungry then. I just offered you four different things and you don’t want any of them.

YES, I'm HUNGRY! But I don't want those things. I want a FUDGESICLE!

By then it wasn't yelling, it was shrieking. And she was shrieking right beside me, tears streaming down, stomping on the floor. That was it. I picked her up over my shoulder and brought her for a time-out in her room. Wow. I went downstairs, took some deep breaths, and then I got her some mini Ritz, a box of raisins and some water and left them on the stairs.

After her time-out, she came down and quietly asked if she could have a little snack. I told her it was waiting on the stairs for her. She took it up to her room and I followed her up a few minutes later to tuck her in for bed. A very tired, cranky little girl. If you don't believe me, see for yourself:

My daughter really should have napped yesterday, but at age five, it’s pretty much impossible to make her do that anymore. Sometimes we just want to have a relaxing day with not too many activities, but it’s hard for kids - even if they need it, too. What do you do when you want to have a quiet Sunday at home after a busy Saturday, but your kids start bickering? Or one starts whining? Or has a total melt-down?

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. We have the same battles... mostly on non nap days... it's so hard! I can't wait for the day when lazy Sundays actually mean having lazy Sundays :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm tired from just reading this. Really, so much for a quiet weekend. But I'm glad the anniversary dinner was a hit. And the battle with the fudgesicle? Oh how I know it well. And the look on Miss M.'s face. I know that well too, LOL

  3. Thanks ladies, for reading my long-winded, lame-ass post. I was venting! :-)

    Yeah, Christine, I get those faces a lot! And the older one just ignores us or stomps to his room. Sigh.

  4. I have those battles on a daily basis, as I'm sure every mom does at some point, although my 3yo really tests me any and every time she hears the word no. Good times.

  5. We all need to vent! It sounds like a busy (fun) busy weekend. Hope you get a calmer week. And less of the face. I know that one too.

  6. Mama said there'd be days like this! Hang on. And here's a hug to get you (and your little one) through.

  7. I recognize that face. I sent the very same expression to her room (twice) yesterday. Man, they get mad!